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Friday, September 23, 2011

Canadian Scrapbook Carnival

Well it's been a very busy and exciting day! I went to the Carnival by Canadian Scrapbooker magazine. I took two classes today!

The first class was a fab photography class by Allison Orthner. Allison is well published and teaches many classes about the art and the FUN of photography. I learned quite a lot. Mainly about 'LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION', the title of her class. I know composition is now KEY. Lighting is key. What you are looking for in your photo is key and the importance of watching for the 'blue speedo' in the photo!! The blue Speedo is that distraction in your photo that is not at all what you intended to capture! In the photo we saw in the class there was indeed a man in a blue Speedo! We were howling in class! The rule of thirds was stressed and that how and when to use your flash. Such a fab class! Thanks Allison!! Allison Orthner's web site. I have discovered a picture of myself and Susan my girlfriend who attended the class too!! We are doing some posing in the picture that was posted on the lovely Allison's website! ohhh such a funny pic.  Please know at the time we were doing a bad photo! Not my best pose to be sure! But it was a heap of fun. 

The second class I took was a class by Christy Riopel called 'Releasing your inner artist'. We certainly did that! We got dirty with paint and chalk and glue and made a fab mini book!! I will post pics soon. Her class was just incredible. Tomorrow I will be taking 'Technique Rich, Yet Frugal', by Connie Nichol. I look forward to this class and I will be posting pics of this project and describing the day as well as posting the class project pics by Christy. Well I'm wiped out so I'm off to bed! Up early for tomorrow's class and some pics! What a day! Take care all!


Darcy said...

hi *waves* thankyou for such a beautiful comment on my blog. Your classes sound like they were a whole heap of fun. I love the cloud photos you posted below too.xxx

Kim said...

Time to update this blog missy! Let's see some of your recent art!