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Friday, August 26, 2011

Calgary Weather : Amazing clouds and Rainbows

I have been seeing some incredibly volatile weather here in Calgary as of late.  We have had warmer weather and a lot of rather violent storms.  With the storms I have seen incredible cloud formations.  I love to take photos of weather and would also like to share a few of the special ones with you! Check out the cool things clouds can do!!

towards the city

This picture is shot from the balcony on the second level of my home.  This is looking towards the South East.  I love the layers in the clouds! The play of dark and light is just, in my opinion, amazing!!

Rainbow over the city!

I love this picture.  The rainbow is small and was very fleeting.  I love the layers of the clouds and the texture I see in them.  I want to touch the clouds and feel how soft they are!  The rainbow is directly over the city and I am looking from my home towards the South East.

Over Nose Hill

This rather ominous mass of clouds is above a protected park in Calgary, just a couple of minutes from my home.  It is called Nose Hill.  There are a heard of deer and lots of coyotes and hares as well as all the other animals found in such an ecosystem.  The coyotes actually come over to our backyard! Scary, as they could eat my little dog in one foul swoop....or rather bite!!   I just love the colours in this pic!  The dark clouds above the light ones were very heavy and dangerous looking.  They did open up after I snapped this shot and there was quite a downpour and much thunder and lightening.  This picture is looking towards the East in the city.

another angel over Nose Hill

Another angle of the above picture showing the imposing dark clouds. It is a shot of higher in the sky than the above picture. I look up higher snapped and this is what I got! I love taking different angles of similar shots as I find I get so many different views and can see things from a different vantage point.

Another Rainbow over the city

This is taken on the same day as previous city rainbow picture above......I just wanted to share the texture of the clouds again.  It is an amazing cloud. 

Rainbow in the deep dark cloud
 This is looking over Nose Hill again.  This picture of the clouds is the same day as the other Nose Hill pictures towards the East.  The sun is gradually setting in the West.  It's placed behind the main clouds and thus creating this beauty of this rainbow for our viewing pleasure!

Thanks for sharing in my joy of rainbows and amazing clouds!
Wishing you all a creative and happy weekend!!

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