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Friday, August 26, 2011

Art Journal????

Hi friends!
I have been dabbling in some altered art and have wanted to do an art journal for quite some time.  I have attempted my first  page.....well I don't think it can actually be called a JOURNAL page as it is not IN a journal.  Oh I know this is ironic....a journal page not in a journal, how IS this possible.  I'll tell you....confidence...that is what was slightly lacking for a first timer! Okay so now the plan is to "suck it up buttercup' and get the journal pages into a journal.....oh my!

I have the journals I have the supplies.  I have been amassing my supplies on the advice of Paula Phillips a well known and published artist AKA Journal Artista.  Her work is amazing.  She has a DVD out explaining techniques and how to begin journaling and I have used this DVD, as I have previously mentioned and posted a link to it in a previous blog posting......here it is again for those who would like to see it...You can buy Paula's DVD here  A great investment! Thanks again Paula....amazing work.  If you are so inclined Paula broadcasts on UStream on a regular basis.  Just sign in and look for Journal Artista and you will find her previous broadcasts to view or watch her live and chat with her.  Lots and lots to learn from such and incredible teacher!

okay so here goes my attempt.......ready?????  Here it is!!!

my non journal page

Well yes I have stuck my art onto my wall and yes,  oh my,  I did use green painters tape.....(head hung in shame....) I didn't want to damage my paint...I do love my yellow walls!!  I think it is very difficult to see the actual texture on the page and the colour has not shown up very well in this photo.

The second picture below is a little better with respect to showing the colours I used.  I have added three pictures of the page so that you can get a good idea of the textures and the colours I have used. I had a great time doing this.  It was very, very freeing and it was an amazingly creative experience. 

Time 4 An Evolution
Same page.....just to show the colours. 

different angle to see the colours

Well that's that!!! I do plan to begin working in one of my journals for my next page and will hopefully become more confident in my work over time.  I have been told this is the case, the confidence I mean!  This is a journey and an evolution as I wrote on my first page.  A growth of myself, my skills and many other areas of my life. 

Thanks for sharing in my creative joy!!

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