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Friday, October 21, 2011

Kind reminder to update!

Hi all,
Yes I am that "bad" blogger who does not update regularly.  I admit my fault! Although,  in my defense I have been quite ill as of late and not doing much of anything. No matter how I feel art is always on my mind.  I dream in technicolour! Well I wish I was..............a girl can dream of dreaming!! Art rarely is far from my thoughts.  I have made some items since my last blog post about the Canadian Scrapbooker Carnival. (I still have to finish the projects before i post the pictures of them, so no update there yet  sorry? )

I have created a few ATC's and a birthday card for my youngest brother.  I will post what work I have taken pictures of as of late.  I have a couple of ATC Jams completed that I forgot to photograph before sending them back out into the big bad world of postage.  Not pleased about that as one of them I LOVE but it will be coming back my way soon....I hope.....you never know with Jams as they can disappear for a long time into that postage oblivion! 

On to the pictures!!

Asian Atc
Asian Atc Jam

 This Jam was created with the Jams Galore group with the Google online group.  I was sent this card as the third person in the swap. I received it with the Asian background and the neat double swan stamp on the card.  All the rest was added by myself.  I made some Asian glitter letters that I edged with some distress ink as well as the Asian emblem and flowers.  I was not satisfied with that being enough so added a transparency with some bamboo stamped onto it in green Stazon ink.  I put it onto the card using an eyelet so that it can swivel on and off the card. I was quite pleased with how this turned out.  I think it is a well rounded and complete card.  I hope the others in the group like my additions.  The first artist in this swap is Joy O. and the second is Peggy B.  This is my first collaboration with both artists. 

All three Asian Atc's transparency covering the atc

Art Deco Ladies
Art Deco Lady Atc Jams Galore set 

 This has to be a favorite jam of mine!  I fell in love with this one.  The amazing background created by Elaine B. and the incredible addition of the inchies on the side by Cheryl F. really created a fab canvas for me to add to.  The art flowed out and I found it easy to pull together.  Some are easy others are a stretch.  If they sing to you they sing to you!!  I added the glitter around the inchies and the art deco lady.  I coloured her in with my prismacolor pencils and added a layer of Glimmer Glaze (by tattered Angels) in the colour penny loafer.  I put a ribbon on her back to be an addition to her dress.  I put the beads on the left side ( they were originally a fab score from a dollar store as they were all part of a headband that I cut apart!! ) and added the gems on the right side.  It was just a treat to work on!!
One of the Atc Art Deco Lady Jams
 Photographic Studio Atc
Photograph Studio ATC Jams Galore card 2

This set of Atc's was pure and utter pleasure from the moment I opened the envie they came in!! I got this one as the third artist in the jam.  I added the steampunk man (I stamped him then covered him in glossy accents and added a bunch of old watch parts) then added the gold glitter around the film strip and the corners.  I also put the copper edging around the card.  I got this one in such amazing shape I really did not have to add very much to it.  The background was done by Marcie L and Hollie F did the photograph studio stamped added title (which I coloured with a glimmer glaze) and the totally amazing pics and film strip on the left side of the card.  I mean really......... how do you add to such incredible work??? I did but I hope it is received well. 

Photograph Studio ATC Jams Galore card 1   

All 3 Photograph Studio ATC's

Amazing Paint Background Atc

Atc Pocket Artists group jam

 I really don't have a good title for this ATC but I love the colours!! I got this one from a new group that I joined called Pocket artists and it too is a Google group where the artists will trade atc's, post cards, tags and any other form of art we wish to trade!! It is a great group of dedicated artists.  I received this amazing painted background from Sue S.  I was totally in awe of the incredible painting that this background has!! I was stumped by what to do to it.  I have been doing a lot of dimensional art as of late and added a lot of bits and bobs to this in the hopes of doing it some justice. I kept with the purple theme and added all of the purple goodies on the right hand side of the atc.  Hope it is liked!! I have sent it on to Hollie F.  I can't wait to see what she does to it.

close up of this atc

 I met a fab, honest and real lady on Ustream a few months ago and have become quite good friends with her.  She is a real angel.  She has told me some art themes and items that she likes and I have sent her a package of goodness!!  She told me she loves fall so I added a huge bunch of spellbinders leaves that I first stamped and then cut out using the big shot and a spellbinders die.  Oh boy that was a chore!! Done with love though~  I really hope the leaves go to good use!!  I have no doubt they will be used in a few amazing projects.  I was coming up with so many as I cut them out~  I really don't care to see another leaf for a very very long time!!! Oh it was fun though don't get me wrong!  I loved doing it and I have not been very well lately so it was a relaxing non brain taxing job.  I made a million leaves I'm sure of it!!  This package has a lot more than leaves in it though!!  Some lace and many other goodies are in the box.  I don't like to send packages without some art I have created added as well.  So I made the two following ATC's and the tag as well.  I really hope she likes them.  Since the package was sent yesterday this is a sneak preview of some of what is in her goody box!!
I really hope she likes~!~

Tag created with distress inks and stamping
close up of lace and glitter

ATC--Eclectic Junk

ATC--love and dream

My little brother had a birthday! So what does a card maker do?? hmmmm make a card?? YEAH!!!! I hope he liked it! It is always a challenge for me to make a masculine card.  I do like how this one turned out though. I played with fabrics and used a lot of enamelz embossing powders by Shimmers paints.  I also used Stampendous Frantage line of embossing enamels.  Lots of fun!  I love to play with embossing powders!! 
Happy Birthday Bro!!!

One of my art friends on Ustream lost her dog last month.  I know the pain of the loss of an animal.  I was so moved that I created a mini book in her dog's honour.  Dar I am sooo sorry for the loss your beloved Bonita.  Dogs are very special animals.  I know I would be totally heartbroken if my dog Charlie were to pass.  I realize this is nothing towards healing but I really wanted to express my empathy at the loss of a fur baby.

I have never done any Steampunk art before but I was informed by many that Dar loves steampunk.  So I tried and here is what I was able to create.  Please ignore the dog hair in the photos!!! Bad photography!!!

SteamPunk mini book front cover

Mini book back cover

front and back together...with dog hair in pic!! ahhh

detail shot of the front of mini the brass round part is a locket that a photo can go in 

 Dar did a you tube vid about the mini.  She was pleased to receive the gift in her dogs memory.  I really enjoyed making this despite the sad impetus behind it.  

Well that is all I have to update now but will find more to post soon as I have been kindly reminded in my last post that I need to updating more frequently !! I do, the comment was more than fair!! I only hope I can keep doing some interesting work to keep you interested and coming back to see more. Hope its an amazing weekend for all!!


Kim said...

Wonderful beautiful work Vic! Those ATC jams look like fun but I am not sure I could hand over control to strangers that way - can you determine at which step you recieve them? If so, I would always pick last so that I could finish them off LOL

Loving what you did with the purple ATC - make sure you show us how it turns out when u get it back!

Hope you feel better soon!

Victoria said...

Thanks Kim! No no control over the jams. Which is why you sometimes get one gem added and a sticker. Although I too love being last to put my addition on, it's luck of the post As to what you get. I far prefer the end control but have had some amazing ones and some disasters!! Lol. I don't do cute or stickers! It is difficult to give up the control but you can get some incredible surprises!!! Thanks for looking!!

Felicia said...

Oh My! These are all so wonderful! I love the little gears and watch parts *drools*. I saw the mini one night on your stream but the photos you posted show so much more detail. Just wonderful. Looking forward to what you post next! Feel better!! *huggles* =0)

Vickie @ In My Head Studios said...

Victoria, your work is gorgeous! I love that you do the Jams. I know it's hard to give up that control. I think that may be the important part of the journey. :)

Anonymous said...

I have never participated in a jam, but that sure looks like fun! As long as I received an atc back, I would not care or be critical of someone's attempt. Art is always open to interpretation. I loved the little ribbon on the back of the dress. and the gears on the suit!..? I would love to receive that surprise, lol.